Other Upholstery Installations

Educational Spaces 2Educational Spaces 2
Educational Spaces 1Educational Spaces 1

Educational Settings

We have recently manufactured sets of cushions for library settings.  The cushions take the form of brightly coloured books to encourage children to settle down in areas where they can enjoy reading.

Fitting rooms 5Fitting rooms 5
Fitting rooms 4Fitting rooms 4
Fitting rooms 3Fitting rooms 3
Fitting rooms 1Fitting rooms 1
Fitting rooms 2Fitting rooms 2

Play Areas

Display stand 3Display stand 3
Display stand 2Display stand 2
Display Stand 1Display Stand 1

Display Stands/Trays

Visual Merchandisers often request upholstered items to enhance their marketing displays … we can assist with items such as display stands with embroidered logos, fabric or leather covered trays and even upholstered canopies (as seen in Holland and Barrett).  We’ll take your ideas and attempt to build any item you might need to promote your products within a marketing environment.